A-Z of Elimu


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The King costume is one of the most elaborate and spectacular in the Band. The person who wears this costume is known as the King of the Band.

Our King is Nolan Simmons, who joined the band in 1983.

Photo of the Carnival King wearing a multi-coloured costume that includes huge white wings spread either side and a circular motif towering above him.

"When you put on a costume you become somebody else. You are not that person in a suit walking around London. Putting on the King costume means that you have changed character; from London commuter to character in a street play. And you're different on that particular day. You let yourself go; just having a good time.

I have played King for Elimu Carnival Band every year since 1983, except for two occasions. I'm 72 now and as long as I stay healthy I will carry on."