A-Z of Elimu


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A Mas Camp is a communal space where all the preparations for Carnival take place. It is the 'Engine Room' for the Carnival Band.

High angle photgraph of the Mas Camp room at Paddington Arts, showing around 30 people gathered at tables making and trying on parts of costumes.

The 'Camp' is where the costumes are made, where the dance rehearsals take place and where the registration to participate in the Carnival is done.

'Mas' is short for 'masquerade'. It does not refer specifically to masks worn on the face but to the whole costume for the body, and the combination of dressing up, dancing and portraying characters.

Since 2001, Elimu has had its Mas Camp at Paddington Arts Centre, a youth arts organisation in Woodfield Road, West London, and the band has participated in Carnival under the name: Elimu Paddington Arts.

You will find all ages at the camp, and this helps create an inter-generational and family atmosphere.