A-Z of Elimu


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Carnival is a Street Festival and all the months of costume making and logistical planning culminate in taking the band 'on de road'.

Photo showing people wearing carnival T-shirts gathered around the carnival sound truck.

The band follows a traditional order of its procession whilst 'on de road': the Flag Waver with a special Elimu Flag and a banner announcing the theme of the band followed by all the major characters - the King, Queen, Junior King, Junior Queen, Individuals - and then the Sections, with the T-shirt wearers bring up the rear.

There are two sound trucks, carrying the DJs and the PA system with giant speakers, a flatbed truck carrying the food and drink, and a bus or coach to carry those too tired, unfit or unwell (i.e drunk!) to walk.

Everything must be done whilst the Band is on a continuous procession and performance. Food must be served, costumes repaired, blistered feet soothed, the inebriated comforted, the DJ shouted at to change the music and the demands of the Police followed. All 'on de road'.

On De Road are also the spectators; thousands of people wanting to see or join the Carnival Band, take photos or wave to someone they recognize.