A-Z of Elimu


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Soca music is the favoured music of the mas bands. It is very big in Trinidad and has evolved from Calypso music which was traditionally sung with acoustic guitar accompaniment about subjects including political satire, scandals, sexual double-entendre and comedy. Soca music is electric, both in its amplification and its infectious ability to make people dance.

Photograph showing two DJs in red T-shirts on the sound system truck waving at the crowd.

Machel Montano is an internationally successful soca artist. His song 'Mr Fete' ( a fete is a patois term for a carnival party) was a big hit in Carnival 2014 and seemed appropriate for carnival Monday when it rained all day. Some of Elimu's mas players could have written these same words:

they call me Mr Fete since I born I never miss one yet
if sun shining I drippin swet
thunder storm and am soakin wet
they say Mr fete u mad
and I say Mr fete u mad
I come here to get on bad

fetin is we name we doh play
we goin night and day
no fete can tire we
we comin again everyday
we full of energy
is fete they callin we like that is we name