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The Notting Hill Carnival started in the 1960s as a response to social tensions and conflict, with the intention of bringing the community together to celebrate the various cultural backgrounds of the people who found themselves living next to each other. Today, even though the demographics might have changed, the divisions between rich and poor, and tensions between different ethnic and immigrant communities still exist.

Banner showing the twelve flags of the countries of the Caribbean

Carnival is an inclusive celebration where everyone is welcome, and the spirit of carnival is of Peace, Love and Unity.

We're seeking unity, welcoming everyone
No matter your age, whether you’re old or young
Come together in the name of love and peace
To meet up on Bank Holiday and party through the streets

We're calling all - no matter your occupation
We’re calling all - no matter your race or nation
To come and take part in this special occasion
To come and participate in emancipation

We're like an army going down the road
Vibes in and dancing, and costumes round the Grove
Being part of one, the band as a whole
Is empowering and emancipating to my soul

It's not about acting mad to the melody
Carnival's about Caribbean cultural legacy
Making beautiful creations of the highest artistry
'Playing mas' is a celebration of our history

by Andrew Jaggs