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Elimu Carnival Band has been going for over thirty years, so the children and grandchildren of the original members carry on the traditions. This website is for the youth of today to better understand their heritage, so they can face the future with confidence and courage.

Photograph showing five young girl dancers in brightly coloured pink and yellow costumes.

"The first time I went to carnival was in 2012, I was 10 years old. It was LIVE for me because it was the first time I could let go and enjoy myself, I was with my mum, sister and cousins. I started to go when my aunty said Paddington Arts had a band called Elimu. I made loads of friends there.

In 2013 I was ready because I knew the route and how everything worked. The costumes were ready and I was an octopus. The costume took a long time to prepare but once I was in it I had a brilliant time, it was really fun."