Elimu Carnival Band formed in 1980 and have taken part in the Notting Hill Carnival every year since then.

In this archive we have collected T-Shirts, headpieces, masks, backpacks, prizes, newspaper cuttings, and documents from the early days of Notting Hill Carnival. We also have photos from nearly every Notting Hill Carnival since 1980, and some well-made videos that include a trip to Ghana to research ideas and materials and to bring Carnival Arts to a secondary school in Kumasi.

The images in the slideshow below span more than thirty years of Notting Hill Carnival and illustrate perfectly the journey made by this community- and family-based band.

The timelapse film below condenses months of preparation for the 2014 Notting Hill Carnival into just three minutes of frantic activity. You can see us making costumes at mas camp, getting in to them on the day of the carnival and adding make-up and all the finishing touches. It gives some idea of the dozens of people behind the scenes and huge effort involved from everyone in order to put the Elimu Carnival Band On Da Road.

We hope you enjoy this archive. If you would like to contribute old photos of the band please email steve@paddingtonarts.org.uk