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Cutting 2014

Press cutting about students from Paddingtion Arts taking part in Sunday's opening procession at Notting Hill Carnival under the themes "Carnival Mayhem" and "Black in the Union Jack". The band Elimu collaborates  with the organisation every year to join "London's biggest street party".

A photograph of the students dressed in white is added.

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West End Extra 2013

Newspaper cutting about Paddington Arts' participation at Notting Hill Carnival with the slogan "under the sea." It was published in West End Extra.

In 2013, many costumes were inspired by the four elements earth, water, air and fire and Paddington Arts chose water as its topic for creative costumes, such as jellyfish or octopuses. On Sunday's children's day about 200 members joined the parade, while 300 followed the floats on Bank Holiday Monday.

The article includes five pictures of the maritime costumes and quotes police evaluations, aimed at preventing conflicts at the carnival.

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Wood & Vale 2013 #2

Press cutting, published by Alistair Kleebauer in Wood & Vale on the 29th of August, 2013, about the Paddington Arts' children's costumes at the Notting Hill Carnival. The kids and adults prepared their outfits, inspired by earth, water, air and fire, over a very long time and were happy to finaly show their costumes to the crowd at the carnival. 

There are four pictures, taken by Dieter Perry, showing the various costumes, such as a sun, jellyfishes or a octopus.

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Wood & Vale 2013 #1

Newspaper cutting about the colourfulness of Notting Hill Carnival, including a picture of colourful dressed participants at Paddington Arts carnival showcase. It was published in Wood & Vale on 1 August 2013.

In this year, the carnival's theme was "callaloo", a Caribbean dish blending different ingredients. This led to various coloured and exotic costumes, some of them inspired by the four elements earth, water, air and fire.

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Wood & Vale 2011 #2

Press cutting, published in Wood & Vale on the 1st of September, 2011, about the youngsters from Paddingtion Arts representing Westminster at the Notting Hill Carnival. The five to 15-year-olds were dressed in red outfits, because of the current topic "It's a Red 'Ting'", and had a lot of fun. 

A photograph, by Polly Hancock, showing the children dressed in their red costumes, is added. 

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Wood & Vale 2011 #1

Newspaper cutting about the costume-making for Notting Hill Carnival, published in Wood & Vale on 28 July 2011.

The carnival's theme for 2011 was "It's a Red 'Ting" and consequently many outfits were of red designs.

This article features the Elimu Carnival Band and includes a picture of the dancer Lynda Da Cova in a red costume and its designer, Khisha Clarke.

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Cutting 2010

Newspaper cutting about Notting Hill Carnival's big success for everyone involved. It includes four pictures of children and youngsters with multi-coloured headdresses.

The article explains that his year's carnival was very successful, from children's day on Sunday to the main event on Bank Holiday Monday. A spokesman said that more than a million people followed the event the whole weekend and that the police did a good job in stopping crimes.

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Cutting 2009 #2

Press cutting, published in 2009, about the possibility to take a look behind the scenes of the Carnival Band Elimu, while they are preparing for the carnival in August. 

The Cutting inlcudes a photograph of a girl getting her face painted and one of two boys, who already had their painting-sessions, having fun. 


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Cutting 2009 #1

Newspaper cutting about kids taking part in Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday, which is children's day. It includes five pictures of them in brightly coloured costumes and the making of the dresses.

In 2009, the carnival celebrated its 50th anniversary and again children from Paddington Arts impressed the spectators. The youth arts organisation spent a year to plan the costumes, representing the theme "Knot Me In Dat." It was chosen to reflect the carnival's spirit, "weaving people together."

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Mercury People 2009

Press cutting, published by Juliet Eysenck in 2009, about the Notting Hill Carnival bringing Caribbean-Feelings to London. A huge crowd of about 140.000 people came to see the young performers of the Children's Day, including kids of the Elimu Carnival Group. 

Four photographes showing the children in carribean and various colourful costumes are added.

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