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Cutting 2003

Newspaper cutting about the 2003 Notting Hill Carnival. It includes three pictures of children and adult dancers in costume.

The article deals with the introduction of pavement barriers along the route to improve the safety for children. Members of the ELIMU Carnival Band supported the introduction as it made dancers as well as spectators feel more secure.

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Paddington Times 2004

Press-cutting about the group Elimu preparing for the carnival, with a statment from their organiser Tony Charles concerning the upcoming event. It was published in Paddington Times on the 19th of August, 2004.
It includes a photograph of a young Elimu member and a big carnival mask.

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Chronicle 2011

Press cutting, published in The Westminster Chronicle on the 29th of July, 2011. it is about the Elimu Carnival Band Elimu and gives the readers a preview of the costumes for the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival under the topic "it's a red 'ting'.

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