I have been coming to Carnival since I was 5 years old. I’m 15 now, and I’m never, never going to retire. When I first came to carnival I was a bit shy, because I was young and I didn’t know anybody, but now it’s just another day of mayhem.

This year I was Junior King. My costume was supposed to be a pepper, it wasn’t really my style, I wasn’t really happy, but I had to go along with it.

Carnival is like a birthday, it’s a celebration, I’m with my friends enjoying ourselves, and we usually just behave mad, because it only comes once a year.

I like the music, I like the people I’m with and I love the crowds because the crowd is supportive, they come out into the road to take pictures with you, and I look on the internet to see if I can find myself on Google Images, which is fun.

The only bad thing is when people are over the top drunk and they’ll come over, and they’ll step on your feet without even realising it, and they don’t say sorry,  and when I get home I have bruises on my feet.

The good thing about carnival is that I’m with people who know me so I always feel safe.

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