For me the best experience I had was when the kids, decided to do costume which was 2003 and Theo was the Junior King, and he was really, really, really happy and enthusiastic, and he wore his costume throughout the whole carnival Sunday & Monday.

I personally haven’t had a bad experience at Carnival as I look at it as a day that you don’t take anything too serious apart from the fact it is carnival

One year the truck broke down, but we just made music in our head and with the other music coming off the other bands we really were just together as a group of people, we did not run away, for us it was about the atmosphere and just being together.

Even when it rains It is nice; it is actually more fun and it like a beach party, you have the road to yourself, so you are dancing, with wet t-shirts, I mean even though I am a bit older, but it is still the same thing. Rain does not stop carnival. You are dancing having your drink, and the drink is keeping you hot, so you are feeling great, it’s really nice.

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