I love carnival. I have been with Elimu from the time I was 9 years old and I am 43 now. Elimu is half my life, because between June and the end of August it’s a big part of my life. We are a special team. Elimu is like family to me.

I am on the Elimu committee, and my role is to help decorate costumes, make the banner, do the flag, and help wherever I can.

On Carnival day I am the flag woman, and so I lead the Band. I am also the first aider and I have responsibility for health and safety,

Sometimes people get drunk on the road, and once a truck run over some bodies foot.

When someone is drunk, which happens a lot, I take them to the side, and sit with them, and if they are really out of it, call the paramedics

For the person whose foot got run over, I had to assess the situation and see if their foot was broken, or if it’s swollen put on an ice pack, then call the ambulance

Once I can remember getting attacked in Ladbroke Grove, by a male individual who wanted to dance with me. I beat him up though, and I left him in the corner

Carnival means excitement, enjoyment, meeting new people, meeting friends, dancing in the streets, acting outrageous, this is the one time a year that everybody can come together and have fun together as one.

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