I’ve been coming to carnival since I was 8, which was 5 years ago,

The first time I was a bit nervous at first, because it’s a big street festival, I was really young, I ended up enjoying myself, meeting new people.

This year on Sunday was really good, cause it was hot, everyone enjoyed themselves, but on Monday it rained, that did not ruin the atmosphere, everyone still had fun.

On Sunday I wore a teenage costume, it was red and we were being 19th Century girls, we had bows in our hair, it was a really nice costume. On Monday I was junior queen, I wore the same costume, and it was really good,

The costume was a lover’s rock costume, it had the back pack which was not heavy at all, so it felt really light, so I just carried on down the road it was fun

When I wake up on carnival day usually I can hear Jouvet in the morning, and the steel pans playing and that just gets me more excited, and then I get ready and go down the road, to come to elimu Paddington arts, get my costume on gate my makeup done, and I can hear the music outside and I go outside, with everyone ready, and just go down the road.

On the road it's really, really fun! The atmosphere is brilliant, the people, are watching you, which make you a little bit nervous, but when you are dancing, you realise that the people aren’t there and you really enjoy yourself.

When I go to bed on Sunday I get a bit upset because the atmosphere has left and everybody is not there anymore, but you still quite excited, for Monday, but if you go to sleep on Monday, you think to yourself, oh gosh, Carnival is gone, and you have a wait a year.

Well they brought out the Junior Queen costume downstairs, and they realise the girl who was wearing it on Sunday wasn’t there, so I participated myself and ask them if I could wear it and they said yes, because they needed a Junior Queen and I was the person.

It was really exciting being Junior Queen, you get to take pictures with people, you are the main person, because you are representing, the costumes that are behind you, but that does not make you more important, than the rest of the costumes, because together we are one band, and it is all about being together and having fun.

When you dance you are trying to represent that it is one community together, so it does not matter how or if you can dance, you are just doing it for fun, Carnival only comes on a Sunday & Monday once a year, I August, so the things that you do in carnival, you wouldn't dream of doing ever again, you don’t get to dance in the road normally, cause obviously there are car’s & busses, and transport.

Carnival means a lot to me considering, I’ve been doing It from a young age, I guess it is coming together as a community, considering what happened in the past, of how the white and black were separated.  Now we are together as one, we are celebrating for the 2 days of the year, and just being together, enjoying each others company, meeting new people, celebrating.

The worst thing was this year which happened it rained, and I was wearing my new shoes, and I got a hole in them, so my foot kept on getting wet, and stepping in puddles. The best thing, is that I get to wear costume, I get to participate, in the carnival, and just enjoy it, have fun the sun was out. I definitely would do it again.

Elimu means a lot to me considering, that Elimu and Paddington Arts joined together, and I have been with Paddington Arts for a long time as well, and Elimu for a long time as well, when they came together, it’s just a bigger atmosphere, you know new people come in and you invite them into the family, make them feel welcomed, just as you felt welcomed when you first came.

I have been at Paddington arts since I was 4 years old. I’ve done dance, Steel Pan, I’ve done singing, and performed in one of there shows, I’ve done carnival in Elimu, Paddington arts.  So a lot of shows, a lot.

For next year hopefully more people will come and enjoy themselves next year and the next year after that. So that is what carnival is all about coming together, enjoying yourselves, having fun. 

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